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How much does a vinyl car wrap cost ?

What should you consider before you decide who to trust with your Houston Car Wrap Project?

The first question most people have is “How much does a car wrap cost?” We’ve seen local companies charge anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for the same car wrap. As an educated consumer, you need to know what a fair vinyl car wrap price is, but also understand exactly what you are paying for.

Everyone has no doubt heard You get what you pay for. For example, you could buy a watch for $5 at the local Walmart, or you could buy a Rolex that costs $10,000. And no doubt, the Rolex is worth the price if you know what you’re looking at. The same principle applies to vinyl car wraps. As with any product or service, material and labor quality is an critical part of the price you’ll pay for your next car wrap in Houston.

When it comes to Houston vinyl car wraps, there are several factors that can influence the total price of the project and may also affect the long term durability of the finished product. Some companies will quote low prices for car wraps, but these quotes can be misleading without the right information.

Here are a few important things to consider with a low-ball vinyl car wrap price:

Vinyl Car Wrap Design

There is no such thing as the right way to design a car wrap. The customization and design possibilities are nearly endless, and this flexibility of design choices is what makes vinyl car wrapping so exciting! But be aware that not all parts of the car may be included with a low price car wrap job.

For example, the car wrap price may not include the roof, side mirrors, or added performance parts like spoilers, body kits or hood scoops. For many wraps like a complete color change, this will leave your wrapped vehicle with an unfinished, unprofessional look. Make sure you ask specifically what parts are included in the low price car wrap you get from any company.

Surface Preparation Before Wrapping

Cars being wrapped in any vinyl covering must be cleaned dried, and wiped down thoroughly with solvent to remove any traces of dirt and wax that could hinder adhesion. If the cleaning and preparation step isn’t performed properly, the vinyl won’t stick to the car completely. Certain parts on the car will need to be removed and wrapped separately to get a professional, finished look. This is especially important for color change car wraps, so you don’t see any of the original paint color around the trim parts, bumpers, mirrors, etc.

Cheap vinyl car wrap quotes probably won’t include proper vehicle preparation and disassembly. For example, they might not spend time checking your car for dirt and wax. Mirrors and emblems won’t be removed and wrapped separately, which means you’ll be left with an unfinished, unprofessional look. Make sure you ask how the car wrap shop prepares the car before wrapping, and also inquire about how they deal with tricky parts like bumpers, mirrors, and emblems.

Quality of Vinyl Car Wrap

Quality of materials really does make a difference when it comes to car wraps. Lower quality vinyl is difficult to install, doesn’t look as good, and doesn’t last as long. Many vinyl wrap companies throw around brand names like 3M and Avery trying to make you think you are buying the best quality vinyl and laminates. And its true that those brands do make the best wrapping vinyls. But those manufacturers make several difference grades of vinyl, ranging from performance to economy lines. So your low price car wrap quote for a 3M car wrap might include the lowest quality 3M product line available.

Maybe you’ll get high quality vinyl, but lower quality laminate. Or, you might not be given 3M products at all. You might not initially notice the difference, but over time you will notice bubbles, tears, and colors will soon start fading! Make sure you ask for car wrap vinyls by brand and product number. If you don’t know what to choose, ask for a breakdown of the different product offerings along with the quality and price of each one. And lastly, make sure you get proof that the products you asked and paid for were actually installed on your car!

Vinyl Wrap Installation

High quality, professional car wrap jobs require attention to detail. This means that for your car to look its best, even the most experienced installers need to take their time to do the job right. If someone promises you a car wrap in a really fast turnaround time, chances are you won’t be impressed by the final result.

Speaking of installers – you shouldn’t trust your car wrap job to just any shop or installer. Wrapping cars requires skill, training, and great attention to detail. This not a profession that can be learned overnight. With the rise in car wrap popularity, every sign shop is selling car wraps, and so-called installers are popping out of the woodwork! Even if the best quality materials are used, your car wrap job can be mangled in the hands of an inexperienced or poorly trained installer. You’ll notice the difference…and so will everyone else! Make sure to choose only an experienced Houston Car Wrap company or installer.